Thursday, September 23, 2010

Facebook Statuses :)

{Note :- these line are not written to hurt or annoy anyone...}

"A Bit Upset :-( " -- said a Facebook status,
"What happened?" -- asked all the friends,
"Nothing much..." -- was the reply.
''Then why so upset?" -- asked another friend.
"I don't know..." -- came the reply again.
And the conversation continues -- 
Endlessly -- over and over again --

To tell you the truth -- The true friends -- 
They are always there -- They love and care --
No matter what you are going through --
They will be always with you --
Side by side -- All your life --
In happiness and sorrow --
Today and tomorrow --

Do try to be positive --
Spread love and happiness --
For those who love and care --
Sure they deserve much better --
So,  take it as a request --
Try not to make your loved ones upset --
By the disturbing Facebook Statuses -- 

Keep Smiling !! 
Luv u all :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

LIFE -- A Prayer...

As i take a step forward in life...i fear..
problems and tensions now i can't...bear..
life is not easy, it fills my eyes with..tears..
i pray to God, make our lives... easier..