Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali

Wishing you all a very
Happy Diwali..
Hope this festival of lights,
brings you every joy
and happiness.
May the lamps of joy,
illuminate your life
and fill your days with
the bright sparkles of peace,
mirth and goodwill.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I LOVE MY PAIN...!! by Isha Jalan

{Isha sent me this poem and a note to publish on my webpage...Thank you Isha.. its so nice of you...the poem is brilliant...people will definitely like it...}

I think I've started loving my pain,
because at the end, what it gives is "absolute gain!"
When i was popular, people talked to me so happily,
but when in pain, their feelings changed so rapidly!
Initially, i just began to cry, wondering,
If this was the final goodbye...
The one's whom i considered my TRUE FRIENDS,
changed their minds, even faster than new trends.
When they didn't bother about me, and celebrated merrily,
Luckily, I had some people with the name, called FAMILY!
They woke up the whole night, and finally i could see some light.
There was a time, when i used to say, 'mom, you lack understanding'
But this very thing, was the peak of my misunderstanding!
They smiled and hugged me along with a tear,
and taught me never to look back at the rear.
Now, if i see someone in That very pain,
I can understand it well, and dont act insane!
coz at the end what it gives is absolute gain..!!!!

Note:- This is an amateur piece of poetry inspired by Sadia aunty....
hope you like it...she inspires me a eyes were moist...
after reading her para about her surgery and how she braved it!
God bless you aunty..we are with you..!! :)

The original para--'I Love My Pain' --

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can We Behave in the same manner...??

It was a sports stadium...
Eight Children were standing on the track to participate in

a running event....* Ready! * Steady! * Bang !!!
With the sound of Toy pistol, All eight girls started running.

Hardly had they covered ten to fifteen steps, when one of the
smaller girls slipped and fell down, Due to bruises and pain she
started crying. When the other seven girls heard the little girl
cry they stopped running, stood for a while and turned back.
Seeing the girl on the track they all ran to help. One among

them bent down, picked her up and kissed her gently and
enquired as to how she was. They then lifted the fallen girl
pacifying her. Two of them held her firmly while all seven
joined hands together and walked together towards the
winning post...
There was pin drop silence at the spectator's stand.
Officials were shocked. Slow claps multiplied to thousands

as the spectators stood up in appreciation.
Many eyes were filled with tears.....
YES. This happened in Hyderabad [INDIA], recently!

The sport was conducted by National Institute of Mental Health.
All these special girls had come to participate in this event...

They were spastic children.
Yes, they were Mentally Challenged.
What did they teach the WORLD?
Equality among all??
We can't do this ever because we consider ourselves normal and intelligent!!